March 31, 2015


Today's post [ TREND + PRINT REPORT ], is from FV print and fashion contributor AARYN WEST of Aaryn West Studio based in Los Angeles, California. Go here, to check out their website. 

Below are their some of her Fall 2015 Runway Trend inspirations: Mixed Media, Geometric Stripes and Nouveau Floral along with their print backgrounds.


There seems to be something invariably more masculine about Fall prints than in the Springtime. This patchwork mash-up of traditional menswear motifs is the perfect example of that notion. Staying within a limited color palette and keeping your print elements small will allow for maximum harmony in this mixed print trend.
Joseph, Thakoon Addition, Etro all via
Background print © Aaryn West


Clean geometric shapes are carefully arranged and layered in these densely packed stripes for Fall 2015. While it may sound a little generic at first, we find it to be quite a versatile trend. Throw a few Moroccan or African elements in for a tribal feel, or take a more optical approach for a Memphis vibe. You could even have it merchandise with your 70’s group by adding in a simple and clean daisy shape to one of rows in your stripe.
Temperley London, Arthur Arbesser, Etro all via
Background print © Aaryn West
      NOVEAU FLORAL     

Take a more simplified approach to your Fall floral designs, as seen here with these stylized Art Nouveau inspired motifs. One delicately detailed flower is repeated throughout the design in a simple, yet compact, layout, which keeps the eyes moving but doesn’t overwhelm the viewer. We actually see it as a subset of a larger Fall 2015 trend rooted in Interior Design, which we’ll explore further a little later on in our review of Fall collections.
Wes Gordon, Rachel Comey, Issa all via
Background print © Aaryn West

March 30, 2015


Trend Council is a fashion trend forecasting company who delivers expert analysis and design inspirations. Their team provides a great wealth of consulting services for all your company's design needs.  Trend Council focuses on the Ladies, Juniors, Mens, Young Mens and Active markets. To learn more about their services, go here.

Here is a preview of their trend call outs for the Fall 2016 season for Women's and Men's - Penelope Tree and Gimme Mick.

March 27, 2015


From our FV contributor, Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends who is based in Barcelona working as an Interior Stylist, Trend Observer and Trainer. Her website Eclectic Trends is full of interior and trend inspirations,

Here is her latest S/S 2015 color trend and you can view the entire report here.

Dear Fashion Vignette readers, it’s Gudy again from Eclectic Trends, and I like to share a pretty ‘sweet’ post with you today. For all of you who might have thought, pastel colors are dated, please see a few impressions and predictions on how pastels have evolved now. They are featured both in a more vivid way or get really chalky but pastels are definitely not disappearing but rather get slightly more ‘mature’. Would love to hear your thoughts! Warmly, Gudy

I have recently deleted my pastel color board on Pinterest with pins gathered since 2013 since I felt it was quite dated. But to my surprise pastel colors are on rise again. They were really huge a couple of years ago, and you find today two pastel trends which are a) a more velvety powder look and b) vivid pastel colors.

The main difference is two new colors which are geranium and lavender (the corresponding Pantone codes are linked) you see in this first grid(#3 and #5).

This color trend has been eventually called Soft Pop and is forecasted with similar images for S/S 2016 by other great experts such as WGSN. I do see the candy colors already for this year and believe they are still actual next summer with probably a slight move towards more vivid tones. This season they are still pretty chalky (if you search for a nice chalk paint brand, try Auténtico - the color palette is really beautiful) and often muted.

What makes this trend so interesting is the fact that these colors are applied to pretty much any creative field. I have stated on the keywords sum up nine of them but could easily add another three like flower styling, hair (beauty would the then refer to cosmetic only) and jewelry.

Pastel colors used to be applied to rather playful designs often with a touch of humor or even created with a pretty kitsch approach. But the change towards a much more sophisticated design is probably the major novelty here.

Pastel colors started already getting more ‘mature’ last year when paired with a neutral background, different shades of gray or even black (that would be a different post though).

What is really huge are pastel hair braids, wigs and anything around pastel-colored hair.

Pale pink is the one that stays fresh every single year and has been adopted to men collections too. We start seeing a transformation towards unisex colors meaning there is no specific lady or gentleman color but both gender openly share. Well, this is what we observe on some fashion shows but we might still have a lengthy path ahead of us to make that a reality. Thoughts? G, x

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March 26, 2015


Fashion Snoops is an online forecasting trend service that reports on color, design themes, key items, details, etc., for women, men, youth, kids, accessories, beauty, home, and culture. To learn more and subscribe to their services, go to to view their amazing site and check out their inspiring blog,


The Commune trend story addresses a deeper appreciation of world cultures through artisan crafts. The Commune woman composes various ethnic references in a sophisticated manner that ultimately speaks to luxury. This trend preview is one of a series included in the latest S/S 16 Womens Accessories Trend Stories Series report now available in the FV Trend Shop. Here you can take a first look at the seasonal narratives, focusing on a clear and concise product and lifestyle road map.

We have compiled this information into a special report for Fashion Vignette members, courtesy of Fashion Snoops – where the full reports are available exclusively to subscribers. The full version of the trend reports are available now for individual purchase in the Fashion Vignette Trend Shop.


Commune addresses a deeper appreciation of world cultures through artisan crafts. The Commune woman composes various ethnic references in a sophisticated manner that ultimately speaks to luxury. She travels the world for inspiration not only for aesthetic purposes, but to gain a greater understanding of global economies. Immersed in foreign cultures, she takes pride in meeting with local craftsman and fostering their crafts. When the Commune woman returns home she takes not only physical souvenirs with her, but stories of the people she has met along the journey. Her palette is earthy with punches of cherry and daffodil. An eclectic materials complement her style with exotic skins, jacquards and hand loomed knits. Intricate details continue this feeling with grommets, patent patchwork and embroidery & embellishments.




1. Snake Skin
2. Pebbled Leather
3. Jacquard
4. Suede
5. Ostrich
6. Hand Loomed Knits
7. Burnished Crocodile
8. Satin


1. Leather Fringe
2. Gold Over Painting
3. Embellishments & Embroidery
4. Piston Closure
5. Patent Patchwork
6. Leather Piping
7. Contrast Stitching & Studs
8. Grommet Details





The complete trend stories for Spring/Summer 16 are available now for purchase through the Fashion Vignette digital Trend Shop. Additional comprehensive forecasting reports are also available across all markets.

These are the seasonal narratives for S/S 16, focusing on a clear and concise product and lifestyle road map. For each forecast, you will start out with a story to set the mood. Next, you will see collages that focus on inspiration, color, materials and design details. Our new Key Items page takes downloadable sketches laid out like a virtual line sheet, complete with suggested updates for all of our accessories categories, including footwear, bags, jewelry, eyewear, headwear, neckwear, gloves, belts and legwear. You will also find our acclaimed Style Guides (also available in High-Res), which bring together all of the most important elements of the story in one place for you to reference as you move along your creative journey for the season. We finish with a new tool, the Trend Map which shows how the trend originated and evolved, including clickable icons for past reports that include Culture and Lifestyle, Visionary and Runway Analysis.

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This S/S 16 Women’s Accessories Trend Stories Series forecast by Fashion Snoops include seasonal narratives that focus on a clear, concise product & lifestyle road map for the women’s accessories customer. Visit our trend shop today to learn more!

March 25, 2015


Here is the latest Inspiration + Illustration series #3 for 2015 by Melanie Boychuk, illustrator contributor for FV. Here, she shows you her source of inspirations to create her illustration, model name and original source unknown.

You can also check out her website, to view more of her work and to contact her if you need an illustrator for any projects. To also view her past illustration posts on FV, go here.

©MELANIE BOYCHUK illustration and Fashion Vignette layout. All rights reserved. No part of these images may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, photocopying, or otherwise, without prior written permission from the illustrator.

March 24, 2015


A great resource for fashion and creative professionals is an online fashion and trend forecasting agency based in London. They have an extensive data for forecasts and trends in all areas of clothing, accessories and beauty for Mens and Womens. You can shop for all of their trend reports in our Trendstop shop here.


Discover exciting new prints hot off the runways of the Fall/Winter 2015-16 ready-to-wear shows, and be inspired with the most influential print and pattern trends of the season. This week, WeConnectFashion readers can get a first look at The Interior Floral trend, a directional print story pinpointed by the Trendstop print experts. This trend was spotted in collections by leading designers like Karen Walker and Marc by Marc Jacobs. 


Image courtesy Trendstop: Marc by Marc Jacobs backstage

Image courtesy Trendstop: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Karen Walker, Thakoon, Simone Rocha, all Fall/Winter 2015-16.
Urban William Morris - This fall, interior-inspired prints look to the winter garden with a bouquet of floral patterns, creating sophisticated modern classic effects. Here, wallpaper patterns recalling William Morris’ iconic designs come to life with a stylized cosmopolitan twist, as seen with textured surfaces across Marc by Marc Jacobs skirts and Simone Rocha Bags. Meanwhile, bold floral prints stand out on dark bases at Thakoon, with oversized repeats adding newness to vintage aesthetics at Karen Walker.

Image courtesy Trendstop: Vivienne Westwood, Erdem, Burberry Prorsum, Michael Van Der Ham, all Fall/Winter 2015-16.
Textural Florals - A key trend on the London F/W15 runways, this trend can be adapted to highlight the tactile nature of interiors design. Textural Florals add drama to the winter wardrobe when flower prints are applied to materials like rustic wovens, jacquards, appliqués and brocades. Color pops and mixed patterns produce modern statements at Erdem and Burberry Prorsum, along with contrasts of texture at Vivienne Westwood. At Michael Van Der Ham, we see how a luxe shine can be created with a touch of metallic. 

For more details about the Trendstop Catwalk Focus Reports, click here.

March 23, 2015


FV contributor,  Pattern Curator curates an insightful forecast of mood boards & color stories and we are thrilled to have them on board as our newest FV contributor.  They are collectors of images and photos to offer print, pattern and color trends.  Each of the boards curated is visually directional, relevant and trend-right.  An amazing site for inspirations, check out their site  here

Our picks for this week are Fresh Teal, Red and Purple and Serene Citrine

     FRESH TEAL    

     RED + PURPLE     



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