December 22, 2014


A great resource for fashion and creative professionals is an online fashion and trend forecasting agency based in London.  They have an extensive data for forecasts and trends in all areas of clothing, accessories and beauty for Men's and Women's.

The Trendstop Fashion Trend of the Year 2015 is Modern Seventies.

The Modern Seventies trend direction will influence fashion, beauty and lifestyle products and campaigns throughout 2015. It offers a clean, contemporary and minimalist take on the 1970’s aesthetic.

Go here to sign up for the free trend briefing scheduled on January 8th or read up on their blog. Also, check out all of their other services on our TREND SHOP on our site by selecting their Trendstop logo.

December 19, 2014



Asos Talent – Chinese Whispers

The womenswear design team has joined up with Textile Federation to discover, nurture and promote new design talent. We’re looking for innovative new print designs to form part of an exclusive Asos Spring/Summer own brand collection that will excite and delight the fashion forward customer whilst engaging them with some of the best.
The winning entrants will receive £500 per print design and see their work form part of an exclusive Asos own brand collection featuring them as guest designers. There is also the opportunity to win multiple prizes if more than one of your prints are selected.
Competition submission deadline is January 11, 2015.

To learn more and to submit your designs, go here.

December 18, 2014


A great resource for fashion and creative professionals is an online fashion and trend forecasting agency based in London.  They have an extensive data for forecasts and trends in all areas of clothing, accessories and beauty for Men's and Women's.

Here are a couple of key Women's color trends for the S/S 2016 season. Go here to order your copy. 


An array of milky hues dominates the S/S16 palette, updating the more sugary pastels that impacted in previous seasons. A key shade in the Milky Pastels range, this subtle pink is tinged with a hint of peach for a warmer overall appearance.

    APPLE MINT     

Soft and feminine, discover how Milky Pastel shades transform styles with a fresh appeal. Here, a delicate pale green works well when applied to lightweight fabrics, as well as coordinated ensembles.

December 16, 2014



Submission Deadline: 15 January, 2015, 6pm CET
Voting Starts: 16 January, 2015, 6pm CET

We’re in festive mood here at Front Row Society, perhaps because our office Christmas party is just around the corner! But there’s just something about this time of year that fills the heart of every fashionista with a warm glow – what with all the get togethers and end of year celebrations, it truly becomes a glittering social season, full of party dresses in jewel bright colors, and eye catching statement jewellery with big beautiful gemstones. So for this month’s design challenge, it was only natural to take inspiration from this sparkliest of seasons for our theme: precious stones. 

We’re looking for designs that reflect the opulence and elegance of these gorgeous minerals: from the stunning striations and intricate details found in blocks of polished quartz, to the crystal clarity and clearness of finely cut gemstones. Think of a glittering cascade of jewel bright colored gems, set against a rich coppery background of burnished bronze; explore the alluring, almost liquid sheen and luster of pyrite, or go back to basics and uncover the rough yet beautiful textures of uncut jewels. From turquoise to amethyst, topaz to lapis lazuli, we can’t wait to see your impressions of precious stones. Because if there’s ever a perfect time to indulge in a little luxury, it’s at Christmas, right?

This competition is for scarves. As always, don’t forget that your print might need to be adjusted to fit the appropriate template. All templates are marked with design specifications to help you get your design just right. Please note that all Front Row Society templates may differ slightly from final manufacturing specifications, so make sure your print is versatile and flexible enough for production.

What can you win?

Each winner receives a one-off prize of 200€ once the collection launches on the website plus a sample of their products when it arrives in stock. But that is not all – if your design receives 500 orders on wholesale, you will receive an additional €200. This means that FRS can continue to embody the spirit of fashion democracy, rewarding our top designs again...and again...and again! We will also conduct an interview with the winner, publicizing their design across the fashion community in Berlin and worldwide.

To learn more and to submit your designs, go here.

December 15, 2014


Lenzing fibers can be used for many applications in the fashion industry. It creates features in textiles and fabrics that end consumers - but also fashion designers - appreciate: brilliant colors, high wearing comfort, breathability, and a smooth flow. Lenzing also commisions fashion experts and trend researchers worldwide to identifty the fashion trends of future seasons and to present them to you as quickly as possible.

Here is their latest information on Spring/Summer 2016, go here to read the entire editorial.


Re-think, re-invent, re-solution
Based on our experience we make choices on a onger term and a larger scale
A mature vision of the world
Prisitine Pure Clear
A new outset


get in touch with new matters        stay in touch      build bridges      bond      bring together      explore      join the dots      unite      delve into      interchange      interact      interplay      interwine


Creating a blance between being private and being public
Breaking through social and national barriers, frontiers and norms
Your own domain in a big world

December 12, 2014


Wowcracy Call The Tune which started in 2013 is an initiative supported by Vogue Talents to scout for the best new fashion projects. Fashion designers are invited to submit their own project now and launch the crowd funding campaign to reach their goal.

Every project on Wowcracy consists of unique rewards as well as experiences available for a limited time, and a goal to reach that you can share with your followers.

When the projects are complete, Sara Maino senior editor of Vogue Italia and Vogue Talents will select the best 3 succesfull projects on Wowcracy. The designers selected will receive an exclusive interview on Vogue Talents issue Sept  2015.

What’s new? Wowcracy Call The Tune vol. 4 includes Fashion Design (womenswear, menswear) Fashion Accessories and the latest Wearable Technologies project category.     
Deadline January 20, 2015
Go here to learn more about the project and to submit your designs. 


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