I'm a collector of many things and one are books that inspire me in my design work.  I recently added to my collection  Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon by Susan Seid.

Vera Neumann's philosophy........artwork should not be relegated to walls. Rather, people should surround themselves with art - wear it, eat off it, and sleep under it, made her an incredible artist, designer, the innovator of cross-licensing and one of the most successful entrepreneur of her time.

The book is very inspirational that it captures all of her work, alongside the source material that inspired them. Vera was truly inspired by everything around her.....

Famous for her signature scarves,  Vera's original sketches were incorporated into the final product. She designed everything from wallpaper, bedding, and tablecloths, to dresses and blouses.

Vera's photographs from India  as an inspiration to do the Jewels of India in stores.

A trip to Morocco where she captured in watercolor for scarfs and sportswear collections.