ILLUSTRATION ACADEMY - final submissions 6/1/2011

To submit your application and illustrations, here is the link: Illustration Academy Scholarship

The Illustration Academy is an intensive 4 week summer program developed to shorten the learning curve for aspiring artists through total immersion.

Conceived by the creators of the world renowned The Art Department, The Illustration Academy and ConceptArt.org, The Illustration Academy is offering three scholarships to this intensive 4 week program to 3 Talenthouse members.

Participants are asked to create an illustration that will be used as a promotional "Call for Portfolios" for submissions to attend The Art Department www.theartdepartment.org in 2011. The subject matter is open, but must be palatable and should help to communicate the idea of "Call for Portfolios".

3 scholarships for the 2011 Illustration Academy will be awarded: one full, one half and one quarter tuition.