THE ART DEPARTMENT - final submissions 6/1/2011

To submit your application and artwork, here is the link: Talenthouse -The Art Department

The Art Department (TAD) is the first ever, career-driven, virtual and real-world entertainment, illustration and fine art college for both digital and traditional media, delivering a full art school education designed by today's top industry professionals.

TAD is the next-generation model for art education and is offering seven 30 month scholarships for the July 2011 semester to Talenthouse artists in any of these 4 areas of focus: Drawing + Painting, Illustration, Entertainment 2D and Entertainment 3D. This opportunity may be available to the exclusive virtual or hybrid programs at any of its 3 campuses in the United States.  TAD is enabling students to study directly with current leaders of the field, no matter where they come from.