Hello there everyone....here is Beta Fashion's latest scarf design contest.  For the newbies on our site, Beta Fashion produces unique and contemporary fashion by utilizing an open online platform, so check out their latest design competition and have fun:

PRETTY LITTLE THINGS - final submissions 7/22/2011

For this project we would like you to base your designs around the theme of ‘cute and pretty things’.

Much of women’s fashion still relies heavily on the use of girly imagery, appealing to women’s childhood memories and the feelings of nostalgia that these memories bring. Cute animals, flowers and candy are but a few subjects that could fall into this category, but looking beyond the subject of a design, its style of illustration and use of colour can also come into play. For your design, you may wish to stick to these classic subjects or perhaps use a contrasting subject that wouldn’t necessarily be considered cute or pretty, but is made so by your style of illustration.

4 designs will be chosen for use on our range of Silk Scarves. Winners will receive £50 upfront prize money as well as 10% of the sales revenue generated from their design.

Here are my pretty little nostalgia inspirations that I restyled....on Photoshop.

Photos from Free People where you can find lots of great nostalgia inspirations and shop their Vintage Love collection....here Free People Shop.