I love these DIVA GIRLS, great illustrations and style out by artist Steven Hall of Doodle Divas who lives in Asheville, NC. Steven has drawn, illustrated, written, photographed and/or painted since he was four or five.

His girls are based on contemporary and historical famous females of pop culture, and since his debut on Facebook, Doodle Divas have taken off. From boutiques and hair salons to working moms and medical offices, the requests for Doodle Divas prints have been enormous.....  Here are just a few of his girls where you can purchase from his store....Doodle Divas.

Ever notice how in interior design mags, they never show how to decorate your tv??

I bought a condo. Color palette is red and black. I needed something cool above the black flat screen tv and the bright red /console unit.

I searched the web, magazines, and stores for ideas, Nothing was appropriate. Nothing was very "me"!

Since I'm an artist, the best idea was to make my own design. Between that and years of doodling gorgeous women from magazines, runways, film and music, I got on a roll and a mammoth collection of divas developed.

So here they are for all to enjoy in prints, t's, tanks, notecards and even more products that are in development.

Ironically, I'm so busy with these illustrations, I never have time to watch t.v. Funny how that worked out! :-)

And of course, now, I have oodles of prints to decorate my t.v. :-)


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