Here are some exciting news from Jena and Lindsay from VELVET BRIGADE....

We launched Velvet Brigade with a singular mission: to revolutionize the fashion industry and provide a voice to independent designers and fashion-lovers. Today, we are one step closer to making that dream a reality. The Velvet Brigade team is joining forces with ModCloth, an online retailer of indie, vintage, and retro styles and goods, to build an even more incredible platform for indie fashion.

ModCloth is celebrating with the Make the Cut Contest, which asks you to submit sketches for designs inspired by a moodboard put together by their co-founder, and all-around creative superstar, Susan. If you win, you’ll receive $500, plus your designs will be produced – with your names on the tag – and sold on ModCloth.com. And, this contest is just the first step towards a more ambitious and enduring program that will support the work of aspiring designers!

We hope Velvet Brigade designers will capitalize on this opportunity to be part of an even bigger and more public platform for their work. And, guess what? You can even submit sketches that you’ve previously submitted to Velvet Brigade, provided they fit with ModCloth’s aesthetic.

Ready to venture forth and continue democratizing fashion? Get all the Make the Cut Contest details here and be sure to hurry, deadline to submit your design is Dec 4th. 

Are you an aspiring designer or up-and-coming fashion phenom? We want to make your design dreams a reality. Our Make the Cut Contest asks you to submit sketches that are inspired by Susan’s marvelous moodboard and fit our aesthetic. From there, Susan will select her top picks, and from 12/12 to 12/16, our fab Facebook fans will vote on the winners. The champs will receive a bevy of beneficence: $500 per winning sketch, and their items will be produced and sold on ModCloth.com — with the winners’ names on their respective tags.