Hello dear friends, my apologies for my lack of posting for the last few days. I was in China on business and had no access to many social media outlets such as Blogger, Twitter and Facebook.  China’s government does not allow it’s people to access many “global free to express” sites. Many of us make these social media outlets a living priority that we take for granted… It seems there are ways to break thru by use of a VPN (I tried) but I’m not tech savy enough, nor did I want to risk playing with a hot fire with the Chinese government.

After having so many issues trying to surf thru my regular sites and losing my patience for these to load up since everything is scanned thru the Chinese’s government portal, eventually the sites are either denied or allowed access. My curiosity led me to google “China’s Fashion Designers” to see what would surface.   Interestingly there were only a handful that had turned up…. 

One of my favorite is Jenny Ji,  a Shanghainese fashion designer and founder of La Vie. She launched her own fashion label in Tianzifang back in 2002.  She is a Milan-trained fashion designer and her fashion icon is Vivienne Tam whom she has met and was inspired to be a creative fashion designer and business woman. Her lookbook photos are so amazingly beautiful and how wonderfully she reinterprets her country’s traditions to something more modern and fashionable. She has stayed true to using her Chinese cultural design inspirations in every fashion collection over the years.

To view Jenny Ji's look books, go to lavie.com.cn, the images below are from her Fall/Winter 2010 PEACOCK lookbook. I chose this particular one because it shows how ahead of the trends she was.