My apologies for my delayed posts but I have been traveling to trend spot and shop thru the LA area and now I'm in Vegas for the Project, Workroom and Pool Trade shows for the fashion industry. But I wanted to wish YOU, my readers and new found friends thru blogging a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY....

Today I wanted to feature THE GIVING KEYS who I stumbled upon while shopping at  Fred Segal in Santa Monica, a fabulous store where the fashion industry, celebrities and all the beautiful people shop.  I always frequent this store to trendspot and shop......

When you buy this one of a kind key necklace, you help employ the homeless, to get them off the streets and give them a chance at a better life. I bought two to show my support and I love wearing my custom made necklaces. The one that I am wearing now is with a gold chain and master key maker Gilbert stamped the word that popped in my head at the time and my initials,  "INSPIRE" AE. I chose out of the hundreds of keys a 24kt gold plated with an art deco detail and I added Anthropologie's clear crystal necklace charm. The other one is on a silver chain and pretty oval shaped silver key with the single word "BELIEVE".

I think today's the perfect day to give your heart, so go here to order yours now..... and when you give it away to someone, write a story and send it to The Giving Keys.

Also, I look forward to sharing lots of other great things I spotted on my LA and Vegas travel..... so stay tuned!