SnapFashun is the #1 sketch library software program of its kind in the fashion industry. It works along with Adobe Illustrator to provide an interactive reference library as well as browser to store sketches. All SnapFashun Libraries include both details and items that can be “snapped” together, manipulated, altered and resized, so designers and students can develop their own designs and portfolios. I own this software and I love it!

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SnapFashun is truly a forward thinking, innovative system that records the history of fashion and trends of our lifetime in a digital format. While using Adobe Illustrator to sketch fashion, SnapFashun makes the drawings available to fashion designers and stylists. Its digital sketches are very cool in that the style components break apart and can be mixed and rearranged from one style to another mixing bodies and collars and buttons and zippers and bows and cuffs with just a snap of a mouse. The easy ability to digitally change proportions of these components makes fashion design a snap if you have a good eye for design." 

Kristine Gloviak,  Apparel production & computerized time study consultant.