Our featured talented designer is Elysia Yeoh Wei Shin ,  who is 22 years old and is from Penang, Malaysia. She is a multi language speaker ( Mandarin, English , Cantonese , Malay and a bit of Japanese) She currently graduated from the De Montfort University, UK with a degree in BA Fashion Design. She has a high interest in pattern cutting and garment making however also enjoy illustration work and a bit of design work.

Elysia's designs are always inspired and designed with a touch of Japanese aesthetic. She prefers to work with solid colours in different depth and weight.  Her collection focuses on simple designs with the intent to make women feel calm, comfortable and with the natural delicate feminine side.

Her collection below as pictured from Graduate Fashion Week is predominately in white to give the feeling of clean and delicate.  Also, her degree final project was named 4.6 (four point six). It is purely because of her birth (6th of April) and it would mean White in Japanese if you read it together 4 (shi) + 6 (roku) = 4 6 (shiroku)

You can view more of Elysia Yeoh's portfolio on Arts Thread,  here.

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