We are thrilled to re-feature and announce a collaboration with Jen Gassiraro our newest contributor who is based in the Dallas, Texas area.   She is an amazing and talented designer who by day is a Textile/Graphic Designer for a leading retailer in the U.S.  To fullfill her need to create outside of her work and her high energy to paint and illustrate, she creates beautiful art that she sells to the public. 

We can't wait to share all the beautiful inspirational visuals she will create for us, so stay tuned.... In the meantime, you'll need to visit and follow her inspirational and beautiful sites below as she shares so many great visuals to inspire us!

ART www.jengassiraro.com   
BLOG/inspiration www.jengassiraro.blogspot.com  
PIN/inspiration pinterest.com/jngassiraro

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