Freshly graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA) in Baltimore, Maryland, Rachel Clore is a budding textile designer. Her most recent works have been inspired by her experiences while living and studying traditional tie and dye techniques in India.

While living in India, Rachel was inspired by everything—the vibrant markets and bazaars of bustling New Delhi, birds (most often the colorful Kingfisher), mangoes, chikoo (a delicious fruit), ornate gold jewelry and temple architecture, electric color, painted elephants, marigolds and other flowers, truck decoration, decoration in every sphere, and the people she encountered every day.

Upon returning home to the United States, the culture clash forced Rachel to examine her most vivid memories. Her memories, sketchbook pages, paper clippings, photographs, and writings then helped inform the creation of digital repeats for fabric. As time passes, Rachel has turned again and again to thoughts of color, food, and the mesmerizing visual clutter that embodies India’s energy and spirit. 

Read more about Rachel’s prints and journey through India at rachelclore.com.

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