I was thrilled to have Monica Pedersen share her work with us because we love how she pulls her concepts, designs and illustrations together... Monica who is from Norway is a multi-talented Designer in fashion illustration, graphic and fashion design.  She has recently finished her studies at the Esmod Fashion School in Oslo, Norway after having the courage to follow her dream and to study Fashion Design. Her big focus at Esmod was Fashion Illustration. Monica's background also includes studying Media Design (focusing on Graphic Design) at the University of Agder and at COFA Sydney and after that she worked as a Colourist Assistant and later as a News Graphicer at NRK.

She is currently freelancing in both professions and still currently lives in Oslo with her fiance. She is big on being inspired by nature, and she usually ends up with concepts related to nature in some way which she feels comes naturally when you live in Norway.   

A must is to view her additional work on her blog  monicaskolearbeid.blogspot.com and you can also view/purchase her work etsy.com/shop/monicapedersen.

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