Our featured illustrator is Maria Caleis from La Coruna, Spain brings us a smoky, intense style that combines more than skill and design, her work is both attractive and well-executed blend of naturatalent and hard work of self-taught illustrator. Licensed in Law, today is fully committed to illustration, her true passion. She has a great eye for detail and uses this to make ourselves known to the world of beauty and sensuality of women, through delicate figures submitted restrained attitude as a challenge to the viewer. it allows us to enter this world, but keeps us at a distance.

Taking inspiration from graphic design and art deco motifs, illustrator María Caleis creates artistic renditions of fashion culture. Her juxtapositions between unusual objects with femme fatale-like models is awe-inspiring and magnificent.

Caleis renders her subjects with meticulous detail, using fine lines and etchings to create volume and textures. Glimpses and splashes of color add vibrancy and give her work a graphic ambiance. Her style brings together the decorative approach of fashion illustration with the imaginative quality of fine art. Text and typography have been laid overtop, adding to the illustrative approach that is often seen in magazines and publications.

The illustrations of Caleis proposes a stylized figuration full of references of all that inspires her particular universe. Fashion, interior design, avant-garde art, art decó ... are some of the themes and languages usually found in her illustrations. Her works are sophisticated graphical pieces " totally handmade" where nostalgia and contemporary experience are encouraging playful and full of twists.

Behance portfolio: http://www.behance.net/Caleis/frame
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Caleisart

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