Our feature today are fashion designers Matjaz Plosinjak and Eric Maj Potocnik who established their fashion brand MEM couture in 2004 and worked under that label until September 2012, when they rebranded it as Eric Matyash. The new name starts a new chapter and liberates from needless brand labeling. To learn more about the designers and to view their lovely storytelling collections, go here.

The collection La M├ętamorphose (spring/summer 2013) gets inspired by changes in designers’ lives. The spirit of their femme fatale remains present. Nostalgia for the past and their fiction of the future both meet in the present time. The reign of blackness. Black is not monotonous, it changes and creates contrasts with itself. It can be clean matte and dark as autumn night at the countryside, or it can shine as well. It can be plain or even full of various shades and structures, enriching well-defined, almost geometric silhouettes. The black colour is being supplemented by chartreuse-yellow, symbolising brightness and the positivism of the morning sun. A palette of various fabrics is being used in this collection – from very light silk materials, viscose and soft velvet, to contemporary polyester materials, such as the quilted latex, sporty softshell and the very sophisticated lurex with the silver thread. The collection is being supplemented with wide silver zippers at the back of most of the skirts and with woollen hats inspired by nostalgic hairstyles. The skirt and jacket, hand-made of thousands of viscose ribbons, precisely inserted in the basic form, are certainly two of the most outstanding designs of this small collection.

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