PREMIERE VISION, the world's premier fabric show will be held on September 17-19, 2013 in Parc d'Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. To register online, go to PV's - Registration.  Here are a few still shots from their digital online color trends.  To view the slide show,  go to  Autumn/Winter 2014-15 Forecast and for Colours.

Sculpting the future with all one’s might,
with all one’s emotions, ideas, feelings and desires.
Autumn winter 1415 delights in the material,
appropriating the volume and future of fabrics in clothing.
The season is an incitation to handle shapes and play with fabrics in three dimensions,
to bring out supple lines or an imposing roundness.
Fruitful junctions between technology and handcrafts, between natural and chemical
invite majesty to combine boldly with discretion,
and neutrality to artfully reveal brightness,
all in depth.

   MANIPULATING all in voluminous matter   

Stepping back from the purely virtual and associating technology and sensibility.
Connecting craft to digital, unique pieces to industrial production and sketching clothing as if it were sculpted, molded or kneaded right from the fabric mass.

   TRANSITIONS from volume… to line   

A season of transitions where fashion cultivates reflections and junctions, deftly organizing confusions between the real and the imagined, creating encounters between volume and long lean lines, between feminine and masculine identities, between restraint and fantasy. 

   STRUCTURING all in agile lines   

Tracing the expert contours of a lively elegance.
Engaging in a sensitive rigor without any harshness, architecting in a relaxed way, sketching with a simple line, or with a pure and assured hand.