TRENDS + COLORS // CSI - A/W 2014-15

COLOR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL is a color resource provider.  Below are their color board inspirations, Frozen and Apple Garden.  To order their current  A/W 2014-15 color inspiration color standards and their individual ribbons, go here


Under the frozen filigree of glistening ice, colors are preserved crisp and beautiful. In the quiet winter nights the trees are dressed in icy glitter, creating a picture so enchanting and surreal as if painted by an artist. The colors of “Frozen” are soft and clean – cool green, dusty aqua, dove grey, creamy beige, delicate coral; a palette in which dark blue plays a role as a ground color, adding contrast and different value to the overall light color scheme.


As the harvest season is approaching, we gain contentment as we gather the fruits of the bright summer days, but also we feel uncertainty in what lies ahead. These mixed emotions convert into creative powers as we want to believe that we can preserve the beauty of nature for a little longer. The color palette  in “Apple Garden “ is inspired by the vibrant prints of flowers, fruits, leaves and magical fire birds found in eastern European decorative art and the old folk tales carrying romanticism and wisdom. Red is sensual, well balanced with elegant neutrals. The dark teal enhances the effect of the warm colors, adding harmony and wintery appeal.