FEATURE // TREND REPORT SS2015 by Mariana Flores Sosa

Our feature today is Mariana Flores Sosa who is originally from Chihuahua, Mexico.  She is currently an international student at the Savannah College of Art and Design pursuing my B.F.A. in Fashion Marketing and Management. 

A little more about who she is in her own words....

I have an eye for fashion and hands for design. I am passionate Fashion Designer and Illustrator and I firmly believe the true essence of Fashion Design relies in its craftsmanship and detail. Art has always been a part of my life and I like to think of fashion as the quintessential way of expressing it. I am a creative, I also love to illustrate, paint, and create these perfect mini worlds of my own people call terrariums. 

I have big plans for my future so I say I am a designer of expectation and a victim of wanderlust. I like trolls and firmly believe that my taste in music is perfect and that anyone who disagrees is wrong. I find most of my inspiration exploring and being outdoors. While I am very spontaneous on what I create I always stay true to my style and keep my aesthetic on everything I do. I am always aware of being original while developing over time.

Below is her Trend Report for Spring/Summer 2015 - The Quintessential Gitana Vibe. You can view her portfolio, here

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