The coolhunter is the professional responsible for observing behaviors and track new trends : 360 ° monitors what happens around them . To work as a coolhunter , the professional must be curious and observant - the job requires tuned , sensitive investigative and people interested in various subjects at the same time, able to connect information from various sources and to build an in-depth thinking on aesthetics , services and behaviors .

The company develops CoolhuntingLab format courses in-company , serving the needs of the customer according to their area of ​​expertise . The aim of personalized consulting coolhunting is to check with the client future business opportunities that bring freshness and innovation strategically, enhancing the chances of success in products and services offered and their insertion into the consumer market.

The CoolhuntingLab uses combined to meet the particularities of each client methods . There is no crystal ball in predicting trends, but specific tools for determining desires , behaviors and consumption occasions the audience in the study. Ie : work is built with the client and their particular demands .

The company also offers courses for students and professionals who are interested in learning some of the tools used in the activity of coolhunting.

Below, you can see the latest work of Coolhuntinglab : TRENDBOOK the inspiration for the winter season 2015. Go here to see the full report and to learn more about their services.

Editorial and images via Coolhunting Lab.