Here is a preview of FASHION SNOOPS',  Spring/Summer 2015 Accessories trends.  Fashion Snoop is an online forecasting trend service that reports on color, design themes, key items, details, etc., for women's, men's, kid's and accessories.  To learn more and subscribe to their services, go here to view their amazing site and check out their inspiring blog. You can also purchase a full report of each of the key trends  here.


Ali sets out to redefine the athletic lifestlye with the combination of refined elegance from ballet and the rough elements of boxing and Muay Thai. Strong sport elements influencing Ali include the prajied, a band of cloth traditional worn around the upper arm during a Muay Thai competition, hand wraps worn by boxers to protect their knuckles and the ankle wraps seen on the classical ballet slipper. The neutral color palette includes fleshy pinks and greys accented with deep reds and hints of purple. The materials pay homage to all aspect so of the cultures with herringbone cotton referencing the hand wraps, satin from the boxing robes and ballet slippers, worn leather of vintage boxing gloves, a tough rip stop nylon, open mesh and a creamy calfskin. Details follow suit with woven cording, velcro straps, Solomon bar, tied obi belt, tassels and ankle wraps.


Expression Nouveau continues to evolve artistic themes of the past two seasons with Classic contemporary of F/W 14/15 and Geo Minimalism of S/S 14. The expressionistic movement heavily influences this them with the use of brush strokes mixed with the new geometric shapes. The color palette also gets a new update with the classic primary colors being interpreted through more muted tones. The materials are heavily influenced by this new wave of thinking with ribbon weaves, painted canvas, geometric burnouts, painted silks, pvc and a supple calfskin rounding out the materials. pouches.


The Artisanal Empress gains inspiration from the lifestyles of those living in an isolated culture mixed with a strong warrior culture. Using what you have to create the best is what it is all about. Textured materials and artisanal accents like fringe and embroidery give this trend individuality. The rich color palette of rustic redish browns are accented with greens and golds to create a very natural yet ethereal color story. Texture becomes one of the most important aspects of materials with the crosshatched saffiano leather, artisanal knits, macram, pony hair and beadwork creating delicate patterns, while details bring the luxury and a touch of handmade with beaded fringe, embroidery, tassels, studs and metal accents adorning everything.