Our feature today is Chantelle Fandinofashion student at the Savannah College of Art and Design, and will be graduating with a BFA, Fashion Marketing and Management degree in June 2014.

To view her 55 page Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Trend Book, go here, complete with inspirational pictures, and Pantome colors appropriate for theme and season.

Futuristic Lifestyle Trend Board
Metal Meteor
Autumn/ Winter 15/16
This board was inspired by the hardness of metal and machinery. Displayed as a subgroup to the "Futuristic" trend, it focuses on a very linear, and edgy aesthetic, that compliments many "futuristic" movie releases taking place in 2015/ 2016, examples including ; Avatar 2, Avengers 2, and Star Wars VII. 

"Futuristic Lifestyle Trend Board"
Galactic Galaxy
Autumn/ Winter 15/16
This board was inspired by the nature of Space, and the futuristics of the future. The aesthetic is very psychedelic and bright, with focus on the mysteries of space. 

"Futuristic Lifestyle Trend Board"
Sahara Desert
Autumn/ Winter 15/16
This board was inspired greatly by the futuristic desert scene, much like those displayed in the Star Wars Movies. Star Wars VII will be released in 2015, and that being said, I felt that many would be inspired by it's sandy, futuristic scenes. My color story is based around Beiges, Reds, and Oranges to emphasize the sparce, and dry desert. 

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