TRENDS // DESIGN OPTIONS - A/W 2014 - S/S 2015

DESIGN OPTIONS is a Los Angeles based trend and color forecasting company, providing trends from a west coast 
perspective. Here is a peek of their early A/W 2014  palettes for Womens. You can also visit them at the L.A. Textile show, March 10-12 at the California Market, Booth #801. They'll be presenting their Spring/Summer 2015 fabrics, prints, textures and key color direction for both the Apparel and Home Furnishing markets. 

Go here to learn more about their services or contact West Coast rep, Tara Packer, fashionista@earthlink.net.


"Rowley put quite the effort into the scene, and the clothes were thoughtful too. A colorful series with an early-seventies vibe-insert Rainbow Brite reference here-".  Our 70's Revival palette was on dispaly, with playful pops of pink, mustard and chocolate making for a prismatic presentation.


 "Such optic motifs spiraled throughout the lineup in rave tees and rave sweats.  And they were paired with trippy florals and 3-D corsages that lurked luridly on shoulders."  Our Spellbound palette, consisting of bold jewel-tones: jade, cobalt, crimson and citron, only amplified the psychedelic nuance of the collection.


Our Winter Wonderland palette, with soft pastels shades of baby blue, sage green, camel and mocha, was the centerpiece of the collection.  Fur was everywhere including curly teddy bear shearling, goat hair, beaver, ink which added that extra touch of softness and luxury.

"We did a lot of research specifically into texture, to give the knits structure," said Angela Missoni.  So wool was felted, boiled, double-faced, furred, and undoubtedly creatively abused in other ways.  The collection works into our Double Take women's palette with its cinnamon, rusty browns, soft taupe and a zesty,  burnt orange accents.

"In their colorfully hand-painted finery, they were quintessential artists' muses, women who would arise from their pose, casually drape themselves in a cashmere blanket or throw on a mohair coat, and go for a wander in the garden.:  Our Model Movement palette evokes Fall in the garden with it's mossy sahdes, dusty rose and weathered ocher hues.