MM offers custom-adapted trend consultancy on colour and style for fashion and interior. To visit their trend right and informative site, go to mmtrends.com . 

collaboration between designers, scientists and many more, sharing ideas to establish a footprint and ongoing research to support the environmental reasons: material consumption, quantity of waste, transportation etc..  

Below is a preview of their Autumn/Winter 2015-16 Colour Forecast, go here to view the full report 

After decades of raw and roaring individualism, we see a turn away from the belief that one unique creative mind will manage to innovate and create on his own. The auteur is dead. The collaborative individual is born.

We have realised that teamwork and the formation of groups of creative likeminded are not only a powerful tool towards higher achievement; collective efficacy will also boost our aspirations, motivational investment, integrity, morale, and resilience to challenges.

Co-creation, crowd-funding and other methods of joining efforts to reach a common goal have proved that collaboration itself is a field of innovation. We rapidly discover brand 
new ways of locating that perfect match between unique, creative individuals across geographic, professional, technical and academic boundaries.

One truth remains: It is amazing what you can achieve when you work hard, but it’s nothing compared to what you can achieve when you work together.