Wolverine Leathers is the global leader of Performance Leather which offers an array of performance features, colors, weights and other varieties. Their speciality is in working with designers, product development and sourcing to meet their needs in footwear design. Some of their clients include UGG, DKNY, Adidas and Vans to name a few.  Go here to learn more about their company. 

Here is a preview of their Autumn/Winter 2015-16 trends where you can view the entire report here for their colors and materials. Their trends are inspired by 4 concepts: Great Scot, Once Upon ATime,  Objects of Desire and Winter Harbor.

     GREAT SCOT     

We’re heading off to the heathery highlands for the holidays, staying in the magical historic Aikwood Tower castle set in the heart of the Ettrick Forest – the ancient hunting ground of Scottish royalty up until the reign of Mary Queen of Scots. Lounging on a grand settee in the Great Hall in front of a roaring fire, sipping in a single malt; setting off on horseback across gently rolling hills dotted with freshwater lochs through the Celtic rainforests carpeted in soft layers of moss, liverworts and lichens. Wrapped in equestrian tartans and tweeds, blended like a fine scotch with the haunting beauty of cut velvets and lace.


Nostalgic for a time before ubiquitous big box anonymity, when making something meant something, and owning something was a commitment.  We are increasingly turning away from the bland uniformity of mass-produced and overly processed products, and seeking a more authentic consumption experience: small batch, handmade and artisanal.  Hungry to form a relationship with the maker, to know the story and be part of it: know the origin of the ingredients, understand the process, feel good about the purchase whether it's a micro-distilled spirit perfectly poured by a masterful mixologist or a bean to bar chocolate experience.  A wardrobe with 19th century general story integrity: vintage woolens, nubby yarns, selvage denim and waistcoats.


Honoring the pure simplicity and aesthetic merit of industrially manufactured objects, those created without artistic intention. We are awakened to the beauty of everyday objects, the quintessential tools of the trade, the symbols of hard workand industry. Their inherent balance of form, function and materials serve as an inspiration for a pragmatic generation. An ode to the worker, the tinker, the tailor,the soldier, the spy. A workwear wardrobe of perfect, practical pieces worn with smoldering sex appeal.


The summer revelers have all gone home, fair weather friends! The winter chill has settled along the coastline, the desolate beauty of snowy piers and sparkly spruces is overseen by lonely lighthouses. A tight-knit community of local fishermen, craftspeople and innkeepers welcomes the time to rest, regroup and repair. Intrepid and independent, they're fully equipped to buck the elements and ride out the storms.  A protective rugged uniform sees them through the season on the shore and at sea: thick cable knit sweaters and down vests are paired with hearty wide-wale cords, and topped with wooly caps.