July 14, 2014


Our feature Fashion Designer and Illustrator is talented Tanya Kancheva who is based in London, UK.  In September this year, she'll also be completing her Master degree in Textile Design at the prestigious Chelsea College of Arts, London. She loves to draw since she was a little girl. Fashion, Design and Art have always been in the center of her interests. She loves artists like Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst and the fashion illustrations of Thierry Mugler, J. P.Gaultier and Ferre.  She describes her style as….

If I have to describe my style of drawing, I think its a mix of collages, hand and digital manipulation, watercolor and soft pastels. Sometimes I like to draw faceless models,especially for runway projects - this gives a mystery touch and don't distract the idea of the whole outfit.I have got one favorite quote and its a sort of inspiration,usually when I am drawing my art works: " Beauty is the promise of happiness"  (Stendhal).

To learn more about Tanya, and to view her portfolio of amazing work, go you can view her site here.

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