August 7, 2014


COLOR SOLUTIONS INTERNATIONAL is a color resource provider in partnership with DYSTAR, a textile coloration specialist provide consultancy in all areas of coloration and finishing technology. Here is a collaboration of their recent color trend boards,  REDEFINED and TEMPTATIONS, for the Fall/Winter 2015-16 for the season. To view the Redfined color inspirations, go here and for Temptations, go here.  To learn more about these two expertise's, go here.  


Knowing our roots keeps us connected with our ancestral heritage, but the busy city life will challenge us sometimes, making us lose our sense of uniqueness and individuality. In search to redefine these values, artists and designers are reaching to different cultures looking for inspiration. We see happy jungle motives used in modern urban art, the beauty of traditional African prints mixed with colorful graffiti, all creating one interesting upbeat new style. Photoreal images of modern cityscapes, flowing into pictures of African animals, cubist designs, accessorized with tribal elements, create one jubilant kaleidoscope of color.  Vibrant fragments, which at the end of the day, come together in perfectfusion.


At dusk the silhouettes are softened and deepened into the sun’s declining light. The shadows grow immensely purple, composing a dreamy, relaxing atmosphere with a subtle hint of melancholic vibe. The quietude of night, conceives a perfect equilibrium, conveying beautiful temptations. The colors are changing their appearance, becoming more silky and exquisite. Everything is arranged with elegant simplicity, designed with pure delight and silent passion.

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