Submission Deadline: 31 August, 2014, 6pm CET
Voting Starts: 01 September, 2014, 6pm CET

No longer confined to Scottish kilts or sporting flags, the humble check has sprung back into the collective fashion consciousness in recent years with considerable appeal. Deceptively simple, the origins of this traditionally woven print can be traced back over 2000 years, yet the pattern seems embedded into the fabric of modern urban life. From rigidly defined grids of traffic to the checkered patterns of windows of high rise buildings, every modern metropolis sports its own clannish tartan.

So for this month’s scarves challenge, we’re asking you to explore your very own urban check. Think of criss-crossing steel scaffolding, concrete building blocks, the lattices of telephone wires and cables… it’s time to check your city out.

This competition is for scarves. As always, don’t forget that your print might need to be adjusted to fit the appropriate template. All templates are marked with design specifications to help you get your design just right. Please note that all Front Row Society templates may differ slightly from final manufacturing specifications, so make sure your print is versatile and flexible enough for production.

What can you win?

Each winner receives a one-off immediate prize of 200€ . plus one of their products when it arrives in stock. But that is not all - each & every time we sell 500 pieces of your design, you will receive an additional €200. This means that FRS can continue to embody the spirit of fashion democracy, rewarding our top designs again...and again...and again! We will also conduct an interview with the winner, publicizing their design across the fashion community in Berlin and worldwide.

Go here to learn more and to submit your designs.