September 11, 2014


We are thrilled to have Gudy Herder of Eclectic Trends on board as one of our newest addition as a contributer for FV.  Gudy is originally from Germany and has been living in Barcelona working as an Interior Stylist, Trend Observer where she has given consulting globally and participated in panel meetings and a Trainer. Among her clients are LVMH and the Richemont Group. Her website Eclectic Trends is such a eye candy of interior and trend inspirations,

We invite you to join her on some of her upcoming events:

Meet the Blogger in Barcelona where she will give a Trend Talk of Trends AW 2016/17.  The event is planned on September 21st, you can register here.

Trend Moodboard - Blue by Eclectic Trends . Gudy Herder

She also has 2 Moodboarding Workshops - September 19th in Barcelona and September 27th + 28th in Vienna.  You can register here for one of the workshops.

Below are some of the moodboards prepped and created in her workshops:

Moodboard workshop prep by Eclectic Trends - Gudy Herder

Moodboard by Nuria Tuca

 Moodboard by Nuria Querol

Moodboard by Elsa Yranzo Rojas

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