Fashion Snoop is an online forecasting trend service that reports on color, design themes, key items, details, etc., for women's, men's, kid's and accessories.  To learn more and subscribe to their services, go here to view their amazing site and check out their inspiring blog. 

Here is a preview of FASHION SNOOPS',  S/S 2016 ACTIVEWEAR.  To order a copy of the report, go here.


We kick off the Spring 2016 forecasts with Vertigo, dizzying visuals and good vibes in a delirious mashup, topped off with a sweet and sassy attitude. Retro shapes inspired by 60s kitsch swimwear get modernized by mixed media materials, while playful, overtly flirty details get slapped with snarky message graphics.

Seaside inspiration comes from beach bunnies galore. With cheeky and nostalgic surf style shapes like foamy high-waisted bottoms and flirty bras dominating key items and hazy cotton candy hues clashing with poppy watermelon and cherry red.

1. Bad gals 2. Airbrushing 3. Nostalgic neon 4. Sweet and Sassy 5. Apathy 6-7. Tattooed and Tweaked Icons


MUD is movement under distress. For our third active forecast this season, we focus on the primal state of stability within extreme conditions deriving from baja racing, beach volleyball and mudder races. A fusion of dry environments and sweat.

Dirt and mud terrains of mining camps, outdoors trails, mudder obstacles, canyons and ancient cemeteries create a perspective of moving forms that prove to be more than a landscape but the natural strokes of a living man made artist expression. The depth of color, organic movement of shapes and macro level functionality that it generates all can be translated into design features that coexist with the warrior spirit and articulation.

1. Letter integrated net print 2. Atlas map 3. Thermal heat 4. Tough letter logo / wrap around print 5. Peel away beauty 6. Rock mosaic 7. Fingerpaint warrior