PREMIERE VISION, the world's premier fabric show will be held on February 10-12, 2015 at the Parc d'Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. To register online, go to PV's - Registration. Here is a preview of their Spring/Sumer 2016 trends and colors.  You can view their trends and interactive color info, here.

You can find all of the season’s fashion information and themes in the Spring Summer 16 colour-range booklet on sale in their e-boutique, and illustrated in the Première Vision Paris forums. 

Spring summer 16 lets itself speak freely, joyously affirming its creative commitment and greedily welcoming surprise.Certainties and habits are let go of. Exchanges and sharing create a blossoming of ideas. Fake look-alikes delightfully playing on reality and fantasy battle uniformity.

A highly tactile, poetic and sensual season, all freshness and energy, flowery and fruity a season to savor with relish.

It invites fashion to defy convention and move away from entrenched identities, the better to enthusiastically delve into sports, infuse menswear and casual wear with suppleness, sophisticate raw looks and make silhouettes bloom with bright, bursting colour.

Seizing on new harmonies embodying both energy and well-being, for supple, round fashions whose contours accentuate and follow the body without constraint. Taking a more intimate approach to a sporty spirit, locating the balance between calmness and vitality. Embracing sensual and invisibly techno fabrics with friendly stretch, bouncy and fine fluids, fresh softness, and artificial fleshiness.
Constructing curves around the body, envisioning cuts in 3D, infusing chic looks with a new athleticism, seeing technology as a more personal added-value, and delighting in a virtuoso balance of dynamism, comfort and seduction.


Accentuating fullness, enveloping with air, floating and layering to suggest loose lines and free the body of all weight.

Combining transparency and boundless profusion, multiplying layers, spreading decoration, expanding and opening up volumes. Dreaming up a nonchalant, bubbly and slightly futuristic fashion. Injecting a high summer spirit into citywear or red-carpet looks, playing around with the very long or very short, revealing and concealing, giving a fresh look to menswear. Turning to poetic or experimental fantasy, cultivating unknown and appetising fruits and flowers.


Constructing simply, bringing elementary cuts to life through the richness of textures, effacing the body but leaving a perception of it through openings and necklines. Creating hybrids of minimal sportswear and couture luxury, reconciling rigour and sexiness, expressed through highly tactile structures and captivating behaviours. Envisioning long and lean shapes, concise foldings, primitive wrappings, fake-twin assemblies, and decorations with a rudimentary opulence.


The colors of the range orchestrate encounters between fresh, intense, subtle and sparkling colors.
They reveal a voluptuous neutrality, inviting soothing and biting contrasts.They offer up subtle and explosive duos, mischievous and tasty fake twins, deceptively monochrome lookalikes.They light up the darkness with coldly luminous brights, and underline the primordial power of darks.The range explores colorful new plays on proportions, inventing light and playful alliances of pale tones, and revealing soft and strident duos or multi-tones.

Go here to view their interactive Spring/Summer 2016 color ranges.