Spin Expo is a leading fibres, yarns, knitted fabrics and knitwear show and will be held next New York, July 21-23, 2015. This show is organized by independent textile specialists in fibers. To attend their show you can pre-register online Spin Expo pre-registration.

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"Dimensions" SPINEXPO A/W 2016/17

Fashion has been living through a time of hype, branding and celebrity endorsement for many years now, resulting in a disposable attitude to design with very little substance or skill behind it, and ultimately bland products.

At SPINEXPO we feel this era is on a downward cycle and with time will become outmoded. There is a growing desire for innovation and invention, looking for individuals who have created breakthrough design concepts and clever new techniques.

This new direction requires a much deeper understanding and skillset as a designer, who needs to have the ability to be more creative and unexpected with their use of colour, yarns, textures and forms creating new dimensions to designs both intellectually and physically.

The move away from glib superficial fashion elements pushes us to look deeper into ideology and creative developments that ultimately have more longevity and take on their own strong personal identity. There is a general direction towards growth and 3 dimensional form, with surfaces and structures being the key elements to consider. New advancements in technical processes from 3d printing to innovative manufacturing methods and enhanced finishes are allowing the body form be more considered and garments become sculptural and have a dimension of their own even without a form inside.

Colours also become dimensional as they react to their fabrication or structure. Therefore A/W 2016/17 colours for SPINEXPO are not seen as flat individual colours with only one level, but in fact our colours are a series of tones as they change and reflect different textures, be it fibre, yarn or structure of the fabric. This added dimension has meant colours have become richer and darker, more sophisticated with a strong emphasis on neutrality. This concept of dimensions looks at the hybrid of fashion and active as well as textures and textiles, from stretch, papers and metals, to lace, leather and plastics, rejecting nothing. Manifesting itself in different contrasts from fabrics that are strong and hold their form to ones that flow and move, whether they are knitted, woven, molded or bonded is irrelevant as they are used together to create a brand new aesthetic that provokes new thinking and adds personality.

SPINEXPO proposes "Dimensions" to design and move forward into AW 2016/17 with, giving greater dimension to the way we think, live and create, adding new dimensions within the product itself.