July 2, 2015



We have never been more easily distracted. As we hustle, juggle and multitask, there is so much we don’t see.
Slow down. Tune in to where you are. Engage your eyes, your mind, your hands: observe, wonder, draw. Connect with your surroundings, and locate your own sense of place.
Say goodbye to google, and replace the virtual with the here-and-now. Put on your rose-tinted spectacles and begin a process of discovery ... find beauty in the ordinary; seek out the marvellous in the mundane.
Design a ‘mini-collection’ of two outfits, menswear or womenswear, which maps your own sense of place.
You might choose to:
• Pay attention to the sights, sounds, smells, textures and emotions in your surroundings 
• Curate a personal collection which tells the story of where you are: objects which connect and / or juxtapose
• Investigate the local: materials, techniques, topography
• Be alert to changes, evolutions, developments in familiar settings
• See usual objects or scenes with new eyes: visualise them with humour or hyperbole
• Reinvigorate craft techniques with materials which are relevant to your own context
• Find joy in the small things.
Let curiosity open the door to your imagination - discover the extraordinary and the fantastic in the everyday.

DEADLINE for initial portfolio entries: Wednesday 25th November

First prize £1,000
Two runners-up £500 each

DOWNLOAD the 2016 FAD Competition Guidelines & Entry Pack here

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