July 17, 2015


The Premiere Vision New York show which is the global textile event for North American fashion professionals will take place next week, July 21-22, 2015.  To learn more about the exhibition, go here.

OPR who is an exhibitor at the show is the source for fashion information: color forecasts, trend predictions, Pantone, fashion magazines and books.  Below is a preview of their trend forecast for the A/W 2016-17 season.


A reaction to our desire to seek shelter from hostile natural elements, quiet, contemplative designs allow us to find serene calmness. Design becomes epic in its simplicity, purified from excess and humble in its minimalistic nature. Soft, pale pink and purple pastels are balanced by an earthy red and deep twilight blue. Touches of moody gray reflect the drainage of color which winter brings. Prints are composed of both fluid, wave-like lines and geometric structures, blurring and repeating to form camouflage effects. Our garments serve as armor to shield us from harsh winter conditions.


With so much information at our fingertips today, creating one’s own focus and meaning is essential. To stand out from the mass, one must lay down roots and embrace organic beauty. The fresh colors of lemon yellow and pine green are deepened by the more faded shades of earth brown, sienna, and burgundy. Denim blue and stone gray also find their place in handcrafted, purposeful design. Prints have a nostalgic, unfinished feel, with lots of patchwork effects, imperfect florals, and vintage imagery. Woven fabrics are also used as a basis for print inspiration. Mixing the old with the new is key to creating one’s own focus and meaning.


Technology allows us to play in surreal dreamworlds which investigate the edges between normality and abnormality in life. Computer generated imagery creates illusions and delusions which are completely man-made. It allows us to further explore absurdity in art. Colors pack a refined punch and extreme hues such as tomato red, coral, Moroccan blue, and sour green create unexpected and unusual combinations. Black and white are added to create balance. Prints are geometric and futuristic, and completely digital, with almost no resemblance to anything natural. Heavy and obvious retouching is popular, as is surrealistic photo art. Exaggeration is key to inventing this super-realistic story.

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