The mission of Fashion Crowd Challenge (FCC) is to find and bring talented, hidden fashion stars into the spotlight of the world. To this end, FCC is introducing a new type of fashion design competition. Unlike typical design contests, design submissions in FCC are evaluated by general people and peer designers.

The slogan of FCC is “Time to Think” about fashion. The purpose of our slogan is to empower the fashion-loving layperson to re-think their own senses of style and design, instead of having their opinions handed to them by the fashion industry.

FCC is open and accessible. Anyone, who is over 14 years old, can participate as a fashion designer and as a design judge.

FCC administrates the fashion design competition through its own unique algorithm called Crowd Evaluation System (CES). Founded upon the theory of the collective intelligence or crowd-wisdom, CES selects judges from both the public and peer designers, and manages the evaluation logistics to generate fair, unbiased, and constructive evaluations.

Throughout the course of the competition period, FCC highlights top designers based on the most highly evaluated design work for each day. Those selections will be displayed on the FCC website. After the competition period, FCC will publish the winners and release the full evaluation results as generated by the CES, giving each and every designer valuable feedback. In addition to these features, FCC will support a virtual community where designers can network with their fans in potential markets.

As participation in FCC is free of charge and the potential benefits enormous, this is a no-risk, high-reward opportunity for people of all stripes to participate in the fashion community.

What Designers get…..

FCC supports you and gives you the opportunity to fulfill your dreams by introducing your work to the world and letting you hear what the world has to say.
All the submissions are evaluated fairly and equally.

Submitters receive feedback from both the general public and peer designers through our Designer Growth Report. FCC provides a fan community that allows all the participating designers and their global fans to network and grow together.

The FCC provides an opportunity for promising designers to debut in the global arena. The top winners chosen by our panel of judges will be given the opportunity to attend FCC’s Global Fashion Show and have a fashion shoot with international fashion magazines.

In addition, the winners will receive USD 250,000 in financial aid to support their entries in the global design market. FCC will work with both domestic and overseas commerce companies to help the designer market their items.

Turn your dreams into reality!

Submission Deadline for this Fashion Design Competition: October 7, 2015.

To learn more and to submit your application and designs, go to Fashion Design Competition on the Fashion Crowd Challenge’s website