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Trade Show Report: an exclusive first look at the Fall/Winter 16/17 Trend Galleries presented by Fashion Snoops at the August 2015 Sourcing at MAGIC in Las Vegas. The Top trends range from Raven, Varsity Squad, Weekender, to Prairie Trail for the Women’s market. This information has been compiled into a special report for our members, courtesy of Fashion Snoops. The full report is available in the  Fashion Vignette Trend Shop.

Referencing the Edgar Allan Poe poem, Raven tells a darkly romantic story filled with mystery and enchantment. Adapted from the narrative, a raven visits a distraught woman who is lamenting the loss of her lover. The woman comes from a place of power and is accustomed to a lifestyle filled with the finest things. Styled in Victorian blouses and the finest velvet, there is nothing physical to console her.

Varsity Squad encapsulates a highly spirited and likeable girl, whose life centers around her school and large family. She’s captain of the varsity cheer squad and proudly wears her school colors or boyfriend’s letterman jacket. She has a lot of pride for the home team and spends her time at games, throwing rallies or practicing by the bleachers.

Weekender offers something to cozy up to, from the ease of Sunday morning to breakfast in bed. The Weekender woman lives a metropolitan life but she also knows the value of slowing down. After sleeping in, she reads the Sunday Times with her morning coffee. She’ll go for a winter stroll in a lofty blanket coat and meet a friend at a cafe, but her time is never rushed. rallies or practicing by the bleachers.

Set in wide open spaces and grasslands, Prairie Trail illustrates both a simplistic take on life along with an appreciation of cultural references. This young woman is the daughter of a logger father as well as a free spirited flower child mother. She loves rummaging through her mom’s closet for ethnic 70s pieces, which she layers with her own tees and vests. rallies or practicing by the bleachers.

This  Fall/Winter 16/17 Women's Trend Stories report by Fashion Snoops includes all top trends covered at the MAGIC sourcing gallery and seminar, led by Creative Director & Womenswear Editor, Melissa Moylan.

The complete series of forecasts for Fall/Winter 16/17 and previous seasons are available now for purchase through the WeConnectFashion digital Fashion Vignette Trend Shop. Additional comprehensive reports are also available across all markets and incoming seasons.