MarediModa 2015 Makes the Supply Bigger and Launches a New Concept of Trend Forecasting

On November 3-5, 2015, the fourteenth edition of MarediModa, the excellence underwear and beachwear exhibition, will be held at Palais des Festivals, on the famous Cannes Croisette and will feature the starring 2017 textile and accessories collections. More than one hundred companies will exhibit at the fair, all of them strictly European, along with a top-level delegation of fast-fashion garment makers from the Euro-Mediterranean area which are going to offer a qualified alternative to the more exotic and quite often less reliable productions.

Below is a preview of their Beachwear + Underwear Trends for the Summer 2017, courtesy of MarediModa.



Inspired by rural island living, we escape to a scene of lush jungle greens and vivid brights. Materials & prints go on a cultural journey borrowing from many different indigenous tribes, coming back refreshed and revived. Wild nature brings forth raw unfinished textures and inspire breathtaking prints. Natural materials are paired with essential design, and craft is highlighted to bring to the fore the beauty of the handmade.


The quest for wellbeing is on the rise together with the desire to disconnect. This key direction is introducing the notion of sense and sensitivity – in both physical and mental forms. We look to the body as a key source of inspiration from movement and physical form through to how the body feels, wants and connects. Materials are designed to work with the body as sheer lightweight and nude tones blend seamlessly into the body.


Light is becoming a new material shaping immaterial forms and changing the way we experience aesthetics. Technology enables us to go deeper into the recesses of the earth and explore natural light technologies. Looking towards nature and particularly the sea, deep into a mysterious place that offers much untapped inspiration. Iridescent surfaces and light reflective materials drive this trend coupled with a colour palette filled with high and low contrasts.


Delicate and refined, the trend re-introduces the notion of softness, femininity and romance with a strong focus on botanicals. Floral patterns are at the heart of design, interweaved with jacquards and lace. Ultra lightweight sheer layers are delicately wrapped around the body like clouds. The gentle aspect is not only conveyed with colour and pattern but with also the importance of ultra soft hand finishes.



The nostalgia of the 70s continues to grow until reaches its peak by the Spring/Summer 2017 season. The trend pays tribute to the happy and energetic side of the 70s where future design was an obsession, modernity is key and geometry is essential. The naïve and playful aspect is transformed with a bold colour palette that serves best the optical weaves and textured surfaces.


Anchored in the spirit of Rock with a rebellious spirit the Idols trend is at the same time progressive and sexy. Black is at the heart of the trend that focuses on all things sexy and feminine such as lace, embroidery, mesh, high stretch satin and glamorous chiffon. A bold and highly visual direction that brings back optical and geometrical lace patterns back with new architectural silhouettes.