November 4, 2015


Caroline Cecil Textiles based in  California, is a full service textile design studio specializing in print development and trend forecasting.  To learn more about their services, go here.

Below is a preview of their four megatrends for the Fall/Winter 2016-17 season. 

    MAKER MOOD    

The MAKER MOOD megatrend celebrates artisans and makers and is associated with a simple, unstyled lifestyle. There’s a huge emphasis on the process of creating, and many designers preserve the in-progress look by using raw edges, free-flowing dip-dyed looks, and aging and fading techniques. The mood is collaborative and artisanal.


This megatrend brings opulent looks from medieval civilizations to the 21st century- and beyond. Expect to see a futuristic twist on glorious jacquards, armor-like silhouettes, and some tribal and ceremonial prints and patterns. The mood is defiant and confident

    EARTH FORM    

The Earth Form megatrend is all about the elements of nature and their stealth strength and drama. Melancholic and minimal, this megatrend uses photorealistic patterns and borrows shapes and textures from mountains, natural rock forms, water, and geodes. The mood is introspective and serious.


As people begin to give more weight to the health and wellness benefits of play, we see an emergence of the absurd in fashion and art. This megatrend mixes pop art colors and abstract prints of the 80’s with preppy plaids and other flamboyant prints. The mood is mischievous and optimistic.

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