December 9, 2015


Fashion Snoops is an online forecasting trend service that reports on color, design themes, key items, details, etc., for women, men, youth, kids, accessories, beauty, home, and culture. To learn more and to subscribe to their services, go to to view their amazing site.

Here is a preview of their SS 2017 Graphic Trends which you can order the full report in our Trend Shop here. For viewing of their previous SS 2016 Graphic Trends, go here.

This visually comprehensive online report by Fashion Snoops features the key women's forecasted graphics for Spring/Summer 17.

Exploring other cultures and appreciating their traditional design processes is the main objective for Spring. This is evident in Colorful tradition, which brings to life Wax prints, Havana Tiles which adds perfect symmetry to the season and Lasting Imprint, which appreciates the beauty and talent involved with woodblock printing. Designs are intricate and cultural within Bazaar and Mandala, both of which benefit from a rich berry palette, and the tribal print is reinvented for Spring when it comes to pattern composition and color choice.

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