January 5, 2016


PREMIERE VISION, the world's premier fabric show will be held on February 16-18, 2016 at the Parc d'Expositions Paris Nord Villepinte. To register online, go to PV's - Registration. Here is a preview of their Spring/Sumer 2017 trends and colors.  You can view their trends and interactive color info, here.

You can find all of the season’s fashion information and themes in the Spring Summer 17 colour-range booklet on sale in their e-boutique, and illustrated in the Première Vision Paris forums. 


For Spring/Summer 17, flatbed knits are found at the crossroads.
Knit fantasy explores inter-crossings, ribs cultivate plays on intersections, engineered jacquards and motifs are inspired by junctions, clothing overlaps and is constructed by interlacings.


Knits reveal a fresh harmony, a sophisticated and tonic mood dominated by the intensity and lightness of blues, soothed by a subtle, vegetal khaki and energized by the luminosity of orange.


Stitch plays trace our raised networks elaborated via transferred knits, tightened stitches and knit fantasy. Macro yarns trace similar paths, meet up and sketch out networks in jerseys. Open working reveals landscapes traversed by roads. Interlacings emerge in two-tones, in matt/shiny contrasts, by contrasting smooth/irregular yarn textures.


Knits evoke railways, drawing regular and waving parallel patterns. The ribs come together and separate, grow fine and expand to modify volumes. Jerseys are needled out with precision, to sketch out neat lines. Tubular bands of different proportions intertwine. Stripes are shifting; they deviate, come together and intersect.


Jacquards, intarsias and prints are inspired by a road vocabulary, by lines drawn on the ground, arrows pointing the way, forks in the road and urban signage. Engineered motifs enrich their visual impact thanks to the use of fancy yarns and combinations of smooth/ grainy, powdery/gleaming, macro/micro, plains/throwns.


Garments are wrapped. Sweaters, jackets and dresses curl and tie around the body. Wraparound tops take centre stage, while tank tops multiply straps, which overlap each other in a sportswear spirit. Crossings and foldings become structuring elements of the silhouette. Openings are elaborated to pass through and fold back the knit panels. Shapes are intertwined and overlap in a linear way.

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