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Fashion Snoops presents their Spring/Summer 2017 women’s denim seasonal trend stories. Each forecast starts with a seasonal narrative and collage to set the mood and inspiration as you will see below. We hope that you are inspired by these SS 17 forecasts that are rich in cultural relevance and thought-provoking dimension!

We have compiled this information into a special report for Fashion Vignette members, courtesy of Fashion Snoops. The full version of the trend report is available now for individual purchase in the Fashion Vignette Trend Shop.


Inspired by our Spring/Summer 2017 Visionary trend, Raw Coast, Drift references rugged natural landscapes and the beauty found in seaside minimalism. The women’s denim interpretation is heavily inspired by lakeside leisure with foamy waves, natural weathered surfaces, and ocean tides. Raw and distressed denim mimics organic textures and rock face erosion Loungewear, soft and slouchy interpretations, and nautical-striped finishes epitomize this perfectly understated trend. The idea of new luxury is inherent here, with perfection found in the simple meeting of woman and nature.

    CAFE' DE FLORE    

This season’s Café de Flore trend story is the spring update to Fall’s Sunday Morning. The Athleisure movement continues to gain traction, underscoring this tailored and feminine woman. She cycles to the flower market on the weekend, sips coffee while browsing through candid Polaroid snaps, and enjoys a light lunch and a coffee to go. Soft chambray elements reveal life’s simple pleasures, while floral accents mix with a rustic café vibe to tell the development of the comfort culture story.


Inspired by Fashion Snoops’ SS17 Transitional Visionary, Arise, Lovestoned tells the story of the psychedelic 70s. Further inspired by the hippy counterculture of the 1960s, this Woodstock woman is stimulated by hypnotic imagery and altered realities. Busy florals, vivid stitching, and embellished details add to the intricate feel. Pearlescent crystals, subdued hues, and patchwork elements create a soulful interpretation of 70s glamour.


Inspired by Fashion Snoops’ SS17 Visionary Juxtapoze, an experimental shift in design motivates our Young Women’s Wonderland trend story. Opposites attract and quirky accents encourage a borderline street sensiblity. Her adventurous personality is embodied in her clothing; graphitized walls are translated into cartoon doodles and paint-splattered denim, while novelty cut-outs, sequined strokes, and clustered beading mimic multidimensional and interactive artworks. Deconstructed elements play an important role in establishing her enthusiastic irreverence, while translucent inserts hint at her transparent sense of self.


As the waterfalls echo in the distance, our Ode to Wanderers woman explores her rainforest surroundings and the lush greenery encapsulating her being. It’s her quiet place, her solace. When she’s off-the-grid and at one with wild life in her treetop haven, she embodies what it means to be a true vagabond. Her surroundings inspire her denim – olive green, grey, and indigo washes mimic the deeply saturated rainforest hues, while ombré tones reference the changing palette of the sky.

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