Our feature day is Adriana Generallo who studied graphic design at Valencia College in Orlando, Florida after receiving her B.S. in Advertising and Public Relations. She was inching closer towards her creative niche but it was still a few years until she became acquainted with surface design. While working at design consultancy in London, she was able to work on patterns to be used on tote bags in Tesco. Any question of where she belonged in the design world was answered in that brief. 

Since then she has been steadily learning more about the surface design industry, with the massive help of the Textile Design Lab. Her past work includes designs created for Tesco, Griffin and Bed Bath and Beyond. 

She creates for the fashion and home decor markets and considers her style bold and experimental. She aims to make a statement and leave an impression with unexpected compositions and vibrant color palettes. Finding inspiration in the story behind an idea, she discovered the most success when imagining the small details of the person who would connect with her prints. She believes we can use our imaginations to create new and unique stories through design.

She was also one of the featured and stand-out work that was created for a challenge with Textile Design Lab, where you can visit here.

Below are samples from her portfolio.  You can also visit her social media links.

Portfolio: www.generallo.com

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