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    Fast Lane trend - Ready-to-wear Womenswear A/W 2017-18     

For the launch of the second edition of the Digital women's impulse Fall/Winter 17/18, the Carlin team has chosen to present a preview of one of its four influences of the aspirational, lifestyle feminine issues called Fast Lane.

This statement underlines a new audacity in the edgy comfort wear area; the silhouette in exaggerated volumes explores the contrast of shapes, mixing and layering the extremes, maxi sizes on top of graphic fitted body-conscious.

A slender line that highlights a body-hugging silhouette of sculptural curves, like this girdled cut overall that suggests a strong and sexy woman.  Same for the accessories that also claim sporty belongings.

Between retro chic and futuristic innovation, the “shirting-jacket” , key-item of this influence is reinvented, using the street and city codes for a light outdoor /indoor look.  This double functionality is galvanised by the use of fluid lamé bases or supple glazed shiny leather.