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  Womens and Mens Forecast S/S 17, MAGIC Sourcing Galleries  

Trade Show Report: an exclusive first look at the Spring/Summer 2017 Trend Galleries presented by Fashion Snoops at the February 2016 Sourcing at MAGIC convention in Las Vegas.

From Raw Coast beachy vibes to a modern sophistication in Juxtapose, these are our top trends you need to know for the upcoming season. This information has been compiled into a special report for Fashion Vignette members, courtesy of Fashion Snoops. The full version of our trend reports are available now for individual purchase in the Fashion Vignette Trend Shop.

Seasonal Moods & Fabric Trends

    RAW COAST    

Raw Coast defines a new shift in minimalism, one that is heavily rooted in a natural environment and coastal classics, but also serves to define new luxury. It is a welcome reset after many seasons of mismatched influences and pulsating energy.

With clean lines, organic textures, and subtle utility, the gentle approach at living is reflected in breezy layers, use of linen and natural blues, and plenty of washed and rumpled surfaces. Homage is paid to the sea with subtle maritime references like weathered rope or netting details. A ribbon of pure and de-saturated color is spread across the many weather worn hues that represent the coast — clay, indigo, stone, and olive.

This feeling of modern Zen is essential to the ongoing journey for relaxed sophistication and where rustic meets contemporary.


Arise is inspired by the spirit of freedom, part intense love and part call to action. Togetherness is the battle cry as our global search for unity emerges in a world filled with uncertainty.

Extensive travels to exotic locales shape us as global citizens, while spiritual connections are key as we explore new realms of consciousness. Psychedelic substances inspire a metaphysical approach to color and design. Souvenirs from foreign lands all have their own story to tell, but are best when layered unexpectedly.

A melting pot of sorts, Arise encourages us to be present, mindful and in harmony with today’s multicultural world.

    LA ISLA    

As Cuba opens its doors to the world, its storied culture and exotic mysteries become an important design inspiration, placing focus on the intrepid spirit of a modern man and woman who crave the romance of the island’s brightly colored buildings and tropical beaches.

Tailored shapes and free-flowing fabrics prevail, while joyful patterns and bold hues live side-by-side with sun-faded pastels and time-honored styling. The bliss of life and jovial spirit of dressing is as abundant as the peeling paint on the buildings, the music in the streets, and the lush flowers on the trees.

This new take on Havana is where the past and present dance together for a nostalgic yet forward look at tomorrow, celebrating Cuba for its rich culture and exciting future.


Juxtapoze addresses a complex individual who is heavily invested in an abstract modern world. As key figures in the gallery scene, the Juxtapoze man and woman are surrounded by visionaries that recall great design from the Bauhaus style.

Loudly celebrating the colorful and absurd, geometric shapes are reflected not only in fine artwork, but also in architecture and interior design. Juxtapoze defines modern sophistication, with a wardrobe that incorporates tailored elements and a splash of pattern or color for fun.

This experimental shift in design is best expressed with compelling combinations of surface and shape for a smart, modern look.

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