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Here is a preview of their 29 essential items for the Women's Fall/Winter 2017-18 season.

    Carlin Creative Trend Bureau – The Essential Icons – Women FW 2017-18    

At the occasion of its second edition of the offer "Must Haves Fall/Winter 17-18" Carlin Creative Trend Bureau reveals exclusively the indispensables of the season to go for the essential without forgetting the function of the looks.

Which style key point for the silhouette of Winter 17-18?

To highlight the allure with essence and singularity, we twist the timeless by putting, this season, the accent on the oversized notion:

The silhouette extends, adopting maxi lengths or restraint width.

The trench coat, soberly elegant, plays the game of subdued functionality, and is renewed in a belted elongated version. In a base of mixed woolens, supple and plain or checked, it mixes comfort wear and easy modernity.

The shirt reviews both the dandy spirit and romantic charm. The tie around the collar gets thinner and shorter and takes over the look of a tie or a scarf to knot.

The frills make way for the balloon sleeve volume, even exaggerated; the volume keeps certain lightness, in silky transparency or printed chiffon.