Founded in 1998 TRENDZINE - fashioninformation.com was one of the world’s first online fashion forecasting services. Today Trendzine produces the TRENDZOOM Fashion Forecasting Service, delivering both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion industry. The full service provides lengthy, in-depth reports with expert fashion analysis, the latest color & trend intelligence and high-spec design flats.  To find out more about the TRENDZOOM service and see the full list of published contents go here.

Here is a preview of their latest Fashion Trend & Colour Forecast forecast for the  A/W 2017-18 season.  To purchase an annual subscription with a special discount for Fashion Vignette readers please follow this link here.

Fashion Trend & Colour Forecast A/W 17-18

This unique forecast brings together catwalk analysis and multidisciplinary research. Fashion information is gathered from Street culture and the Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture collections. Innovations from the fields of science and technology are analysed and the report explores the influence of music, books, photography, architecture, interior design, art, films and TV on fashion trends.

The research is clearly set out into three main themes that expand into detailed analysis clearly outlining how each will impact fashion, from major changes in silhouette and proportion, to the detailed finishing on a hemline.

The following sample pages are taken from a 125-page report published: Apr 24, 2016.

This season the overarching themes are: OUTSIDER, which looks at the disruptive force of outside influences and CIRCULAR, which explores our relationship with the environment.

The analysis for each theme is divided into women’s, men’s, youth female and youth male categories and provides inspiration for apparel, accessories, fabrics and surface pattern. The colour map reveals the entire palette for A/W 17-18 and includes key colour-styling combinations within each theme.

The disruptive force that fuels a collision between past and present…

CIRCULAR - Youth Female
Embracing the processes of destruction and regeneration…

COLOUR - All sectors
Complete analytical colour palettes with key colour selections for each trend…