Interfiliere is the world's leading trade fair for intimates, intimates, swimwear and performance sourcing and fabrics platforms.  Here is a preview of their Spring/Summer 2017 intimate trends

Their next show in New York is scheduled September 27, 2016.  Go here to view all of their upcoming shows for destinations Paris, Lyon,  Hong Kong and Shanghai.

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Interfilière -Underwear, swimwear and activewear : an energetic cocktail - FW2017-18

The themes in this guide illustrate the longings and aspirations of modern women. Every woman! For this is neither a question of age nor a matter of budget but is rather a state of mind. Today’s desires: to feel well, body and soul, to live better, without constraint of size. This is a sort of new DNA of femininity!


It’s a luxury of silks and velvets, an opulence of easy to wear items – pajamas, robes, tops, shawls or kimonos… Lingerie-to-wear at any time and in any circumstances, an efort to combine elements of history into a new wardrobe… A legacy of know-how, artisanal details, traditions revisited, a revival of exoticism, of soul and patina. A desire to cultivate this art of beautiful heritage and things very well made, an expression of the new chic. Grace and glamour enrolled in a context of resolutely modern dressing codes in which lifestyles overrule classifications.


A dialogue of cultures, an exchange of beautiful traditions without rules and boundaries. Textures, colours and efects ind their inspirations elsewhere, but avoid anecdotal stories. All is melted into a sympathetic modern style reminiscent of Arts and Crafts. A multitude of efects and textures, padded surfaces, macramés, rustic yarn details and crafted embroidery mix into modern end-uses and give the wardrobe new elements to play with. Special focus on new knitwear textures and interesting developments for printed and double jersey knits.


We dive into a Universe of ultra-reined true lingerie: touches of satin, silks and lace, the delicacy of small items of delight, the stereotype lingerie wardrobe of dreams. Slip-dresses, camisoles, non-padded bras, bodies, designed to be light, transparent, modest, chic and fragile… But it is also, beyond these timeless looks, a feast of new technologies that allows an abundance of super comfort and luxury without seams, such as bonding and other avant-garde treatments… For lingerie which becomes lighter, accessible, easy to live, to wear, to keep.


A variation on the theme of fetichism with all its dark shades and sexy silhouettes and strapping. For nights and clubbing and other erotic indulgences, now translated into the newest look for cut-and-sew shapewear and for high voltage athleisure. The corset is the essential inspiration, for look but also as a subject to transform into a modern part of the body-conscious wardrobe. High precision work, seduction and more than ever – comfortable support. We are looking for fabrics with high modulus and technology, transformed to look super erotic and amazingly seductive while being very functional.