Founded in 1998 TRENDZINE - fashioninformation.com was one of the world’s first online fashion forecasting services. Today Trendzine produces the TRENDZOOM Fashion Forecasting Service, delivering both long-term forecasting and fast-response information to the fashion industry. The full service provides lengthy, in-depth reports with expert fashion analysis, the latest color & trend intelligence and high-spec design flats.  To find out more about the TRENDZOOM service and see the full list of published contents go here.

Here is a preview of their latest Fashion Trend & Colour Forecast forecast for the  A/W 2017-18 season.  To purchase an annual subscription with a special discount for Fashion Vignette readers please follow this link here.

Apparel Design Forecast A/W 17-18, Womens 

Courtesy of Trendzoom at Trendzine Fashion Information Media Network

This apparel design forecast features key trend themes for the incoming Fall / Winter 2017-18 season. View trend boards which include flats, runway, and color for the menswear and women’s market. The following sample pages are from Women's reports. Their Women & Youth a 50-page report, and Men & Youth a 42-page report, was recently published May 2016.

The key themes: OUTSIDER and INTERFUSION are developed into design ideas for womenswear and incorporate research into colour and surface pattern from the Fashion Trend & Colour Forecast:

OUTSIDER - Women’s Market
Outsider, approaches the ‘more is more’ aesthetic in styles filled with exciting patterns and decoration.

INTERFUSION - Women’s Market
Interfusion is filled with precise construction and well-defined shapes.