Schmid is a leading company in the footwear and leather goods industry. It was founded in 1942 in Milan by Walter Schmid, a Swiss citizen, and is now owned by three Italian entrepreneurs, including Paolo Ciccarelli, the company’s chairman and chief executive. Schmid is not just a supplier of fabrics and accessories, but a strategic partner capable of providing quality, innovation, customized services to its clients. It is the partner of the most important designers of the fashion world, not only in Italy but also in the United States and the main European markets.

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Trends for Fall-Winter 2017-2018

Schmid presents its style proposals for next year: Adorned, Super-Imposed, Stoned and Pastiche

The refined dandy chooses Adorned

Adorned is a style that brings to mind the Baroque tradition. It plays with the past and deliberately flaunts opulence, satisfying the tastes of a sophisticated customer who draws inspiration not only from fashion, but also from art and interior design.

Among materials featuring in this style are brocades with lamé threads and decorations, flock with sequins and geometric quilting shimmed on velvet, lamé and metallic yarns. Colours are modern: washed-out blacks, dark-brown, military green spiced up with red, fuchsia and aviation blue. Completing the colour palette are metallic hues, gold and platinum in particular.

Retro and modern: introducing Super-Imposed

Super-Imposed revisits the classic style in a technological fashion: it brings together in an original way the worlds of both couture and performance with an eye on a clientèle that is retro and modern at the same time.

Colours are inspired by shades from modern architecture with metallic tones of gold, silver, steel, aluminium and black; carbon combined with fuchsia, red and blue violet. The materials that best interpret this style include reflective and holographic surfaces, metallic finishings on elastic grids and quilting dotted with geometric designs. Not to mention stratified PVC with contrasting inserts or stretch materials with foil glitter.

Stoned, young and natural

A minimalist style with the purity of natural surfaces: in a word, Stoned. Destined for Millennials and characterized by a dry and natural colour palette: dusty grey and mineral hues are “contaminated” with the different shades of brown. Materials are powdery, solid and natural: stone-washed denim, oxidized surfaces covered with ivy foil, soft surfaces with needled wool and filled bouclé weaves, rough felts and mixed gabardines.

For women, there’s Pastiche

Pastiche, a strictly feminine style, refined yet simple thanks to the union of chic extravagance, geometrical patterns and Art Attack inspiration.

The hues are bright and vibrant: curry yellow, burgundy leaning towards cherry, intense oranges and blues with touches of black. The most used materials include glitter with colourful, hand airbrushed ethno-pop prints; PVC with incorporated gold leaf flakes; grid flock; 3D rhombus jacquard; contrasting colour fish-bones and satin lurex.