October 7, 2016


Pattern People is a surface design studio founded by designers Claudia Brown and Jessie Whipple Vickery. Their studio provides a collection of thousands of ready-made print designs available for immediate use on apparel, paper products, beauty packaging, accessories, interiors and more. They are also available for commissioned design and can develop to your project's specifications. Visit their site here, to browse their inspiration blog and shop tutorials, trend guides and designer tools.

Their Fall/Winter 2017-18 print and color trend guide for Men and Women is now available. Go here to learn more and order it now.

Here is their recent SS 2017 mood board inspirations.

via anabundanceof | Fendi | vintage rug | pinterest x 2

Washed out shades of sugary sweet hues create soft rainbows of light.

Ashley Goldberg | Dries Van Noten SS17 | Vintage Kimono | Raoul Dufy | Tobias Tovera | Hargreaves

Colors dried by the sun turn to dust in the wind.

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